Water's Edge Condos at Heritage Oak Park in Port Charlotte Florida
List of Amendments to the Condo Documents​​


Amendment of the Bylaws:
1.     10/04/2004 – Article XI, “Collection of Assessment”
2.     05/23/2005 – Hurricane Shutter Specification

Amendment to the Declaration of Condominium:
1.                         01/19/2004 –   Fire Safety Retrofit
2.                         10/05/2009 –   Article 11, Insurance, Destruction, Reconstruction
3.                         10/05/2009 –   Article 14, Sale, Transfer, Lease or Occupation of Unit
4.                         01/21/2013 –   Article 1, “Condominium Act”
5.                         01/21/2013 –   Article 15, “Assessments and Liens”
6.                         05/30/2013 -    Fee Simple Deed: Plat Map & Easement Portion Water Oak Drive to the CDD
7.                         04/01/2017 -   Article 6, section (a) of the Declaration of condominium entitled, “Limited              Common Elements”.

Amendments that did not pass voting requirements:
1.     12/17/08 to 1/26/09 Opt –out of one year term required by Fl State to keep two year staggered term per docs. Term of Office will be for one year as per Florida Statue 718

01/19/2004 – Reserve Vote for Pooling Method passed
                      Change in method from Straight Line funding to “Pooling of Reserves” method

1. Adopted 3/24/2010          Entry Door and Entryway Decorations:  
2. Adopted 2/24/2011          Board Rules and Unit Owner Maintenance responsibilities
The Association Documents were amended in 2009 for Sales and Rentals. The Board of Directors of the Association or its duly authorized officers, agents or committee must be advised in writing of all sales, transfers, leases or occupation of a unit before such a sale, transfer, lease or occupation shall be lawful, valid and effective. Authority to screen and approve is granted to the Board in the association governing documents.
Rentals of a single room or less than an entire unit is not allowed under the " Declaration of Condominium's, Restriction Upon Use, paragraph 13 (p). Also, not allowed is leasing a unit for rent for less than three months, paragraph 13 (q).
Sales Amendment​
Original amendment as recorded in Charlotte County Official Records. Download a copy witht he button
Insurance Amendment
The Florida State Statues Law and our own Document Article 11 of the Declaration requires
         the Unit Owner to have insurance coverage for all within the unit.
                     Insurance Responsibility to the Association as follows:
1.     The unit owners must insure their units (property & wind & liability). Owners can be fined if no evidence of insurance is submitted.
2.     Unit owners must obtain a minimum $2,000 of “Special Assessment” coverage assumed to mean “Loss Assessment” coverage within their policy. This coverage is part of your Condo HO 6 Endorsement as “Loss Assessment coverage.” Your policy should also include coverage for law and ordinance changes to building codes. This is by law. The owner can elect the percentage% they want, 25% is the lowest but should cover the unit owner.
3.     The association can be named as additional insured and loss payee on ‘all policies. In
                                          The Name of: “Water's Edge at Heritage Oak Park Association, Inc.”
4.     The association requires each unit owner to provide evidence of insurance once per year. Your Insurance agent should be asked to send the Condo Association a               
          “Certificate of Insurance or Declaration Page”, This can be forwarded by your Agent automatically
            upon your annual renewal.  Insurance renewal notices of payment due is not proof of insurance Or,
            you can also make a copy of the Declaration Page of your insurance which lists the coverage
           and effective dates and forward it to the Association.
                         This notice is a request for “Evidence of Insurance” for your unit to be sent within 30 days to:
                        Water’s Edge at Heritage Oak Park Condo Association
                        19315 Water Oak Drive
                        Port Charlotte FL 33948
                        ATTN: Association Board
                      Please have your agent submit proof of insurance to us within 30 days from this reminder letter.
Thank You
                       Valerie Stark,   For the Board                                                                          
​​Original amendment as recorded in Charlotte County Official Records Download a copy
with the button

Assessments and Liens

The Quarterly Assessments are paid in advance for the quarter and payments are due on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st of the Year.

It is considered late if received by the Association after the 6th of the month. The Association can assess late charges of $25 and late penalties at the interest rate of 18% per annum.

Original amendment as recorded in Charlotte County Official Records Download a copy with the button